Submit an Announcement Request FAQs


Non profits/government agencies: If you are a non-profit organization or government agency you may post your announcement for free.

For-profit organizations: If your organization is for-profit there may be a charge depending on the type of announcement you would like to submit:

  • Job Announcements or paid events:$30 per announcement per published e-newsletter or $25 if you would like to post 3+ times (Please email for invoice or submit payment through Paypal Donate).
  • Free community events: Free

We request you submit the announcement at least 2 weeks prior to your event or deadline.

As mentioned above, we publish information about events, programs, opportunities, and services that benefit the community, especially if they are free or low cost. Announcements can include:

  • Entertainment/recreational/community events,  e.g. art show, musical event, health fair, forums, etc.
  • Educational opportunities, e.g. classes, workshops, training, scholarships, education fairs/symposiums.
  • Programs/services, e.g. public benefits, support groups, legal or medical assistance.
  • Volunteer or employment opportunities
  • General announcements about programs, activities and services, e.g. support group contact list, information about your agency and what you offer.

Your announcement should be no more than 200 words per announcement (e.g. if announcement is in Spanish and English you will have 200 words for either version and no limit for the translation)  and answer the ‘five Ws’- what, when, where, who and why. A concise message, the title and announcement should begin with a catchy sentence as the goal is to spark interest in the reader.  Try to use links instead of attachments, when possible. Always include a contact name, phone, and email address.

For job announcements, in addition to the above, please include a description of the position, requirements, salary information, deadline to apply, where to apply- online, email, fax, mail, what should be included in the application submission such as a cover letter, resume, job application, and the contact person’s name, phone number, and/or email address.

If you have a flyer, job description or informational pamphlet we encourage you to submit a link to the respective resource. If you do not have a link you may submit a PDF version to include in your announcement.

LSP strives to engage all community members including monolingual Spanish speakers or those that prefer to read in Spanish. If your organization seeks to provide programs/services in Spanish or qualified candidates for employment where only Spanish speaking is needed, we encourage you to submit your announcement in both English and Spanish.

The 200 word maximum will not be applied to the combined English and Spanish announcement, rather your 1st announcement will be limited to 200 words and its translation will have no limit in order to ensure that it gets effectively translated. Though, brevity is key.

Submit Announcement Request

Questions? Troubleshooting? Please call administrative support at (707) 837-9577 or