With the Latino population expected to increase in 2038, Latinos will be the largest ethnic group in
Sonoma County. By 2050, Latinos will be the majority, at a staggering 51% (Hispanic Demographic
Trends, 2011). This increasing growth rate means that we have a window of opportunity to foster a
skilled and educated workforce to meet job market demands starting with investing in our youth,
especially in light of an increasing retiree population. This also means that meeting the demand of
culturally sensitive behavioral health providers will be essential to the well-being of Sonoma County
residents. LSP is committed through workforce development and technical assistance in order to fulfill
our vision of a community where Latinos are fully integrated by having equal opportunities, support, and
access to services in their pursuit of a higher quality of life.
Latino Service Providers – Sonoma County’s mission is to build a healthier community by serving and
strengthening Latino families and children, and reducing disparities related to ethnicity or race within
Sonoma County. One of the ways that Latino Service Providers strives to strengthen the community is
through targeted engagement strategies to promote awareness of resources and services in Sonoma
County. LSP is partnering to provide technical support to the County of Sonoma Behavioral Health
division to develop a web based clearinghouse for recruitment of Bilingual/Bicultural Behavioral Health
Workforce in Sonoma County. LSP is also assisting to coordinate and sponsor a job fair to recruit
bilingual/bicultural clinicians.

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