Short description of the role of the Concilio member:

The Concilio (Voluntary Community Advisors) is  a key component in ensuring  the project addresses mental health disparities with a culturally relevant approach in a diverse Latino community. By design, the Concilio has the role to influence and impact multiple areas of the Community-Defined, culturally appropriate, Evidence Practice (CDEP). Specifically, Concilio members are asked to participate in one or more of three committees:

1) Youth Promotores Training Curriculum Committee, 2) Community Outreach and Engagement Committee and 3) Evaluation Committee.

The three committees will provide support in the following categories:

  1. Youth Promotores recruitment and selection
  2. Educational trainings/informational workshops on Mental Health, culture and other relevant topics
  3. Be a guest speaker and ongoing resource for Youth Promotor training
  4. Community liaison to identify school and community settings for pláticas
  5. Provide input and review evaluation methodology, instruments, findings
  6. Be an ambassador for Testimonios, distribute evaluation findings

An interested volunteer will attend a Concilio meeting as an observer and have an informational interview with the Executive Director and at least one Concilio member. All new members will attend an orientation prior to appointment. There are not set terms for Concilio membership; however, at least one year of participation is encouraged for content and relationship continuity.

Questions, contact Guadalupe Navarro via email or  call (707) 837-9577.