Latino Services Providers (LSP) is a community based non-profit network organization whose mission is to build a healthier community by serving and strengthening Latino families and children, and reducing disparities related to ethnicity or race within Sonoma County. LSP vision is to invest in a community where Latinos are fully integrated into the larger community by having equal opportunities, support, and access to services in their pursuit of a higher quality of life. The Testimonios Project, a project funded by the CA Office of Health Equity, California Reducing Disparities Project seeks to address the behavioral and mental health needs of the Latino community within Sonoma County.


Latino Service Providers Testimonios Project provides paid internships to up to 20 young bilingual bicultural students (ages 16-25) who are interested in sociology, psychology, counseling or any mental health career. The goal of the Testimonis Project is to reduce mental health stigma, engage and educate the Latinx community on mental health issues and resources, and inspire the future mental health workforce. The required commitment is a minimum of ONE YEAR.


Specific duties include but may not be limited to:

  • Attend experiential learning activities, as listed below, and others highly recommended throughout the year to further mental health learning and practice:
    • JUNE-JULY 2019: Community Health Worker (CHW 150) course at the Santa Rosa Junior College
    • AUGUST 2019: Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Training
      • Working Weekend Retreat – Youth Mental Health First Aid
    • JANUARY 2020: Mi Futuro Symposium
    • MARCH 2020: Sonoma Educational Summit
    • MAY 2020: Latino Service Providers Monthly Meeting
  • Attend Youth Promotor and Concilio meetings 1-2 times a month between May 2019 to May 2020.
  • Participate and/or present in mental/behavioral health workshops/forums/symposiums; social media campaign and art project development; and a menu of other projects and their implementation; conduct surveys/platicas; research; and other outreach activities.
  • Participate (voluntary, but highly encouraged) in program evaluation by completing surveys, documenting activities, and interviews.
  • Disseminate applications to potential Youth Promotores for Testimonios project and help coordinate recruitment presentations with appropriate administrators and teachers.


Youth Promotores will be paid $10 per hour for training and $12 per hour for project activities and community engagement efforts. Approximate hours per student are 124 hours annually.

Applicant Process:

  1. Submit application before, Monday, March 02, 2020 via mail (address below) or email to us at
  2. Complete Potential Youth Promotor interview (Date will be provided if selected by the reviewing committee)
  3. Attend Orientation Day at Santa Rosa Junior College
Youth Promotor 2020-2021 Intern Description
Youth Promotor 2020-2021 Intern Application