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Community Engagement: How to reach the Latino Community


The Latino population is growing faster than any other group in Sonoma County with a growth rate of 8% per year -(La Verdad Marketing & Media 2005) comprising almost 23% of the county‚Äôs residents. This guide was developed to enable you to reach the Latino community with your message, e.g. a job opening, a new program, seeking committee or board members, announcements of upcoming events or fairs. These simple guidelines are applicable to any audience. (This document is not for solicitation purposes)

Basic Concepts:

-Model diversity by employing bicultural and bilingual staff.

-Staff should be culturally sensitive, non-judgmental, and supportive.

-Staff should have an understanding of the Latino culture.

-Conduct programs utilizing Spanish language speakers or hire a translator.

-Recognize cultural values regarding gender roles.

-When considering location, think of transportation and comfort level of the target audience.

-Create materials in the Spanish language. Depending on the intended audience, use graphics, visuals, using fewer words, omitting jargon.

-Always consider audience literacy level.

-Use more than one medium to get your message out, i.e. newspaper, radio, agencies, school flyers, and churches.

Your message should emphasize action!