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P.O. Box 2226, Windsor, CA 95492 ~ 707.837.9577


Meeting attendees will begin arriving at 11:20am for networking and introductions. A staff member or volunteer of LSP-SC will formally begin the meeting at 11:40 by introducing the Host agency.

The Host will have 30 minutes to highlight their program(s), introduce staff and provide a question and answer period. Attendees will network ‘round robin’ style for the remaining 50 minutes.

Attendees will have about 50 minutes (1-3 minutes each) to share their programs. It is requested that attendees honor this time restriction so that everyone has a chance to share. Most members can stay only until 1pm.


Please keep your highlight presentation to 30 minutes including questions/answers ~11:40am to 12:10pm to allow time for networking. If someone directly requests time to share at your meeting and you agree, then you must give up some of your 30 minute time period, otherwise advise them that they can share for 1-3 minutes during the ‘round robin’ networking hour like everyone else.


Why Host a Meeting?

Hosting a LSP-SC meeting provides an opportunity for members to learn about different programs, services and resources resulting in a strong base of information regarding educational programs, health and prevention programs, child care, housing and financial information, volunteer opportunities, adult and youth employment, community organizing and much more.

Agencies, organizations, and individuals also create collaborations and network with each other to create stronger programs and system delivery.

Meeting Dates

The meetings are usually held on the last Thursday of the month, from 11:30am-1:00pm with an attendance range of 20-50 members. The meeting is conducted in English with an occasional Spanish speaker. You do not have to be Latino to attend these meetings.
Meeting dates may change. If you did not receive a LSP-SC Meeting Flyer Announcement by email, we recommend that you call and confirm the date and location with the LSP-SC Host. For ‘Host’ contact information go to the ‘LSP Meeting’ tab on the website home page.

Resource Table

The Host agency will provide a table for resources. The LSP Host and Attendees are invited to distribute flyers, brochures, business cards, and information about their programs, services, agency, or individual information for 20-50 attendees.

It is extremely helpful to provide this information in English and in Spanish, but not mandatory.

Do I serve Refreshments?

Refreshments are optional but welcomed. The meeting is held during the noon hour. Past Hosts have provided juice, water and cookies; catered lunches; burrito buffet; sandwiches; salads; or cheese platters.

Please inform us two months in advance if you must cancel your meeting. We retain a waiting list of agencies. The LSP-SC staff will fill the meeting date from this list of agencies first. If no agencies are available to host a meeting, then you are open to suggest a replacement.